New, non-cannibalizing, form of inventory

Improve advertiser performance with a less intrusive form of advertising

Increase viewer retention

At least 10X lower latency than pre-rolls & more than 90% of audiences surveyed prefer LogoBar to video spots.

New ways to monetize

Increase value of pre-rolls or sponsorships w/ a more engaging & visible companion ad. Alternative ad solution for LIVE, short form, or “sold out” inventory.

Improve advertiser’s Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Up to 49% brand engagement rates, 88% brand recall, and 51% stronger CTR.

Compatible with various players / platforms:

Extend Brand Appearance

Brand is accessible throughout content playback…guaranteeing visibility. When users engage with content, they engage with brands!

Complement Existing Ads

After pre-rolls end, or get skipped, a companion LogoBar reinforces the advertiser’s brand message.

Sponsored Content

Increase brand awareness, recall, and favorability by branding video content; a new form of Native advertising.

In-House / Enterprise

Promote, market or co-brand content to generate sales, drive tune-in, subscription, sign-ups (i.e. newsletters), or use for charity

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