How It Works

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Viewer initiates video content and the brand logo appears

Brand logo quickly transitions into the scrubber and the video begins

Brand logo, message, or call-to-action is present throughout video control bar

Viewers can click through, or interact with, brand elements throughout duration of video

Elevate Brands
Retain Viewers
No Disruptions
Everybody Wins

Solo Player

With LogoBar Solo, only the LogoBar ad is present, making this the least disruptive and most favorable option for consumers while still leaving a long lasting and positive impression for advertisers.

Excellent for in-house messaging and sponsored content

Increase brand awareness and favorability for advertisers

Higher viewer retention for publishers

Plus Player

LogoBar Plus ads complement existing video ad formats. When a pre-roll ad is completed or skipped, the LogoBar ad begins, guaranteeing viewer engagement. The brand can be kept in the viewer’s line of sight for the entire video without disruption, making this a great option for advertisers that experience a high rate of pre-roll ad skips.

Elevated brand lift for advertisers

Increased monetization for publishers

Higher satisfaction for consumers

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