Video advertising viewers want to see!

More visible and engaging video advertising.

Improve brand impact and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Up to 49% brand engagement rates, 88% brand recall, and 51% stronger CTR.

Complement existing video advertising efforts

Viewers are 18.3 times more likely to remember your brand.

Eliminate consumer animosity towards your brand

Only 5% of audiences surveyed find LogoBar to be intrusive.

Extend Brand Appearance

Brand is accessible throughout content playback…guaranteeing visibility. When users engage with content, they engage with brands!

Complement Existing Ads

After pre-rolls end, or get skipped, a companion LogoBar reinforces the advertiser’s brand message.

Sponsored Content

Increase brand awareness, recall, and favorability by branding video content; a new form of Native advertising.

In-House / Enterprise

Promote, market or co-brand content to generate sales, drive tune-in, subscription, sign-ups (i.e. newsletters), or use for charity

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