LogoBar is a patented digital advertising technology that was created by a consumer who identified a major problem: advertisers are wasting billions of dollars a year on ads that consumers aren’t watching. Whether an ad is online or on television, advancements in technology have made them easy to avoid. There had to be a better way for advertisers to promote their brand and engage with viewers.

Enter LogoBar.

LogoBar brands the components of streaming media players and empowers advertisers to interact with viewers while a video is playing and without disrupting or delaying the content. This creative integration of a brand and its logo into the player gives advertisers a more effective way to elevate brand awareness, improve brand perception and drive consumers to action. There is no need to continue wasting billions of dollars on ads that go largely ignored.

With LogoBar everyone wins. Advertisers elevate their brand and interact with viewers, publishers increase their revenue and consumers get their content without disruption. LogoBar is a team of talented individuals united around a common purpose of delivering innovative advertising solutions that drive extreme value for advertisers, publishers and consumers. There is always a better way and we’re determined to deliver it.

Our Team

Steven B. Jones

Chief of Strategy and Operations
As the Chief of Strategy and Operations Steven B. Jones is responsible for identifying and executing LogoBar’s key initiatives and for the delivery of all products and services. Previously, Jones was one of the co-founders of AdoTube, an industry-leading global video advertising technology at the forefront of in-stream advertising that pioneered the “Polite Pre-Roll,” which influenced the dismissible functionality that is now considered a digital ad industry standard.

Amir Khan

Chief Technology Officer
As Chief Technology Officer for LogoBar, Amir directs product design, architecture, scalability and implementations. Amir is a developer that is well-versed in a variety of programming languages and is focused on transforming design into engaging user experiences.